When Legacy is Way Cool

When this piece of legacy electronics first showed up at the Obtainium warehouse thoughts drifted back to my old radio days—the big boards with dials (attenuators) and meters that measured levels to make sure your voice wasn’t over-modulating, but a closer look put an end to my nostalgia. It was something equally or perhaps more … Read more

Little Things Mean a Lot

Close your eyes and think INDUSTRY. Can you see it now? That big smoke stack over there—massive machines, warehouses surrounded by railroad tracks. We’re talking big boy stuff. Dirty faces and overalls. Alright, alright, that’s a little old because things have changed. Just ask this woman. This is Ginny Root. She is the master and … Read more

MAD MAX? No way….

Nope. This is happy Max Porter. A ray of sunlight in the world of customer service done right. This is the invoice Max sent to John, the guy who owns Obtainium, who bought a battery one day and got it the next day. It was packaged neatly, the invoice in a plastic pouch and the … Read more

Behind the Scenes at Obtainium

Obtainium Freight to Australia

  Bob Jones is a modest fellow.  He is relaxed and calm, with an easy laugh and a close to an encyclopedic knowledge of Obtainium’s warehouse.  And that is not an easy task.  The warehouse looks less than intimidating until you walk in and see the layers of shelves and the vast inventory of scientific, … Read more

The Science Store

One of the more common items in a scientific lab is a magnetic stir bar, a simple magnet coated in lab-grade Teflon and used to continually mix whatever liquid might be in a flask or beaker. They come in a variety of sizes and are reusable. The University of Houston Natural Science & Math (UHNSM) … Read more