Obtainium – Your Partner for Sustainability in the Circular Economy.

At Obtainium, we understand the importance of sustainability and strive to help businesses with their sustainable endeavors. Our goal is to provide surplus equipment, spare parts, materials, electronics, and more necessary for operations while maintaining a positive environmental impact. We provide a wide range of products from around the world so businesses can find precisely what they need without unnecessarily depleting their resources.

We understand that waste can have a negative impact on our environment, so we take steps to reduce it by reusing, recycling, or repurposing items whenever possible. By working with us, businesses can lower their environmental footprint while still obtaining the supplies they need in order to operate efficiently.

Through our commitment to sustainability, Obtainium Science & Industry Surplus aims to help businesses maintain their operations while reducing their environmental impact and supporting sustainable practices across all industries.

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Obtainium Meaning / Obtainium Definition / Obtainium Idiom

Obtainium is a term used colloquially to describe unique technology and surplus items obtained or acquired by someone. It can refer to various things, including vintage or rare gadgets, unusual or hard-to-find tech, and other specialized equipment or materials. Obtainium is often sought after by collectors, tinkerers, and enthusiasts who are interested in experimenting with or repurposing such items. In addition, the term is often used in DIY or maker culture, where people are interested in building, modifying, or repurposing various kinds of technology and other items. Obtainium can be acquired through multiple means, including purchasing, trading, or scavenging. It is often prized for its rarity, usefulness, or simply for the sense of satisfaction that comes from obtaining it.